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Becoming A Surrogate in Oregon

Becoming a Surrogate: Giving the Gift of Life

For many women, becoming a surrogate in Oregon is something they don’t think about because this endeavor is not for everybody. However, for a select few, becoming a surrogate—especially a gestational surrogate mother—is a blessing, enabling them to help someone who intends on becoming a parent. Becoming a surrogate implies that you are caring and good-natured enough to help another family by bestowing them the gift of life. But before becoming a surrogate, there are factors to consider when determining whether you have what it takes to become one.

First Things First: Requirements

Assess your current state of health. You will be expected to disclose information about your genealogy and medical background to the intended parents as well as to the team that will support your surrogacy journey.

Are you healthy enough to withstand the demands of pregnancy and childbirth? Make sure that you are of the right weight and age. You must not have any medical issues like hypertension or diabetes. Smoking is also out of the question if you want to become a surrogate mother. Intended parents prefer non-smokers because of the bad effects that smoking has on the body. Basically, you must be physically and mentally healthy before choosing to become a surrogate mother.

Financial stability is another major consideration for a surrogate mother. If you go through the course of surrogacy with money problems in mind, you are not helping yourself, your intended parents, and, most especially, the baby. Remember that the desire to become a surrogate mother should come from the heart and must not stem from intentions that are driven purely by money.

Your Support Group

Surround yourself with people who genuinely care about you and are supportive of your surrogacy journey. Positive individuals are the best company to keep. Stay away from pessimistic individuals who may cause you stress and sadness. Hang around with loved ones who will help you emotionally, as this will reduce stress and anxiety.

Another important qualification is to have had one successful pregnancy. With this in mind, it is essential to set expectations with your child regarding surrogacy. Doing so will make it easier for your child to understand and adjust to the process.

In Summary

Going through the process of surrogacy is not for everyone. There are many requirements that must be adhered to. Before considering this venture, make sure that your heart, mind and body are in the right place. Ensure that you are doing this for the right reasons. If you have second thoughts, don’t be embarrassed to ask for assistance or get more information. Knowing about the process will help you determine whether this is truly for you.