Commercial Surrogacy

The Truth Behind Commercial Surrogacy in Portland, Oregon

Understanding the term Commercial Surrogacy

Knowing more about commercial surrogacy in Portland, Oregon is a big help to intended parents and surrogates. Commercial surrogacy is the procedure wherein a single parent or couple pays another woman to carry and then deliver their child. The child is returned to the intended parents after birth, either confidentially or through legal adoption. Same-sex couples, couples with fertility challenges, as well as single parents longing to have a child of their own turn to this process. Famous personalities like Robert De Niro, Kelsey Grammer, and Sarah Jessica Parker, have also sought the assistance of surrogate mothers as recently as 2009.

There are basically two kinds of surrogacy- Traditional and Gestational. The least preferred kind is traditional surrogacy since the mom is genetically related to the baby that she is carrying. The most suitable kind of surrogacy has to be gestational surrogacy because the gestational surrogate mother is not related to the child that she is supporting.

Altering the meaning of Motherhood

The process of surrogacy has transformed what it means to be a mother. In the case of surrogate mothers, they are by definition, the women who give birth to the children of others, in an attempt to distance them from the “actual” or appointing mothers.

Still, it is worth noting the fact that these surrogate mothers go through a lot of changes- physical, emotional and psychological changes throughout the course of surrogacy. Surrogate mothers fully understand and accept the needs of intended parents to have their own child. It’s a marvel that surrogate mothers are this generous and compassionate and have become a blessing to other people.

In some countries such as India, commercial surrogacy has been horribly exploited which resulted into human trafficking. Sadly, this occurred since it was primarily used by many as a money making scheme. The weak execution of rules and regulations regarding surrogacy also didn’t help the situation. Good thing that this is not the situation in developed countries like the US. Here we have strict regulations and laws on some surrogacy friendly states that help protect the welfare of surrogates and intended parents who are going through commercial surrogacy.

Commercial surrogacy may have been unfavorably viewed and judged by others, however, this does not change the fact that this procedure is still heavily depended on by many parents. This process has brought countless blessings to those pining to have a child of their own.